A Canine-Centric Life

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Allison Thomison, 24, has spent most of her life helping homeless pets, so it was only fitting that her former foster pups and her three rescue dogs were part of two of the most important days of her life: her engagement and her wedding. Before the Phoenix native met her husband, James, 31, dogs and other animals were her first love. Her mother told her that even as a baby she always had a strong bond with animals.

Allison’s love for animals only increased as she got older. She said that when she was 12, her mother allowed her to bring stray dogs into her home. Eventually, her mother introduced her to Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue and Allison has been involved with the organization ever since.

Together, Allison and James have fostered nearly 70 dogs and puppies since 2015. The two of them care for dogs and puppies that come through the rescue by providing a warm space where the dogs can prepare for their new homes. The couple said that one of the most rewarding parts about this job is getting updates about the puppies and their new lives from their new families.