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Integrative Veterinarian: Dr. Julia Mayer, DVM

Many animal-crazy kids dream of becoming a veterinarian, but few maintain the drive to achieve that goal. Julie set her goal when she was a young girl, worked hard for good grades, and was accepted to…

Many animal-crazy kids dream of becoming a veterinarian, but few maintain the drive to achieve that goal. Julie set her goal when she was a young girl, worked hard for good grades, and was accepted to the University of Illinois for the veterinary program. After four years of vet school, she graduated with Honors and entered the real world. After working five years as an associate veterinarian in Chicago, Dr Julie noticed a frustrating trend. Despite practicing a high standard of medicine, “I felt that I was not curing my patients. I was discovering that most of them would come back with the same issues at one point or another.”

Not long after this realization, Julie was introduced to the only veterinarian in Chicago certified in acupuncture for animals. This was just what she was looking for, and Julie became only the second veterinarian in Chicago to be certified in acupuncture for animals. The treatments were effective, with no side effects! Julie began a new path, and developed her own holistic veterinary business called Healing Arts for Animals. Her “reputation grew as clients became more aware of these other ways of healing.” Julie shared with PDM, which reinforced she was on the right track.

Julie’s career was devoted to a holistic approach to healing. She added chiropractic and herbal treatments to help her patients and she developed a very reputable holistic veterinary practice. When this animal rehabilitation disciple became organized, Julie became certified in Animal Rehabilitation and served on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians. She and two clients opened the first Rehabilitation and Wellness Center for Pets in Chicago! “Here we had rehab equipment, herbs and supplements, and natural modalities to help pets in need and in pain. We were the pioneers in this field in Chicago.”

Dr Julie was named as one of Chicago’s Best Vets, by Chicago Magazine, and received the 2010 Iams Eukanuba AARV award for Excellence in the Field of Veterinary Rehabilitation.

In 2010, Julie moved her practice to sunny Arizona. Owners with canine athletes, those wanting a holistic approach to pet care, and people frustrated from a lack of results from traditional medicine, began seeking her out. Her practice has grown and in March, Julie opened her Integrative Veterinarian office, dedicated to “to improve the quality of life for my patients and increase their longevity without medications and their inherent side effects.”

I am a strictly a holistic practitioner. I do not dispense any pharmaceuticals, perform surgeries or practice general medicine. I perform acupuncture, chiropractic, rehabilitation modalities, and dispense herbs, essential oils and homeopathics instead of conventional medicines, which is very unique in the veterinary community,” she told PDM.

The office does not look like a typical veterinary office. Couches in the lobby, and not an exam table in the place. “I like to work on the floor and be at the pets’ level to ease their fears and to become friends with them. They need to trust us so we can work with them.” Julie explained. Her treatment rooms are filled with exercise/rehabilitation equipment, and an underwater treadmill for rehab and conditioning. Dogs run into the office!

Community is important to Julie. She frequently gives lectures on canine sport medicine and holistic practices. 2017 was the second year in a row she was named Integrative Veterinarian for the 2017 Scottsdale Small Business Excellence Award in the Veterinarians classification. She is also an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor for the Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine and will be teaching classes there.

Personally, Julie’s love of animals and life surround her. The ability to spread out in Arizona means Julie’s backyard is a barnyard filled with critters large and small. She is no longer limited to house pets! Her canines are two fun-loving Boston Terriers who keep the house in order when Julie works.

Dr Julie’s veterinary knowledge, along with her commitment to natural healing and rehabilitation make her a valuable member of our pet community.

Find Dr. Julie Mayer at or call 480-826-7867. Office location: 2331 E Osborn, Phoenix

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